OpenTraffic is a global data platform to process anonymous positions of vehicles and smartphones into real-time and historical traffic statistics. We're building this in the open, using fully open-source software, with involvement from a growing list of partners.

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We are working with vehicle fleet operators, app developers, and governments to develop and operate the OpenTraffic platform. Learn how you can contribute and benefit:

Do you collect traffic or location data?

Join our community of data contributors sharing anonymized traffic statistics. You'll benefit from combining your data with sources to create a more complete and current data set. In addition to using this data in your own applications you'll be improving the global data pool and help improve transport outcomes in your community.

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Do you need traffic data for your application?

Historical and real-time travel speeds will enable accurate routing, estimated time of arrival and other transport analysis and planning applications. Follow the development of the OpenTraffic platform, and we'll let you know as APIs and data extracts become available.

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Do you need traffic data for your city?

Use traffic data to help inform transportation planning decisions in your community. OpenTraffic's analysis applications will allow users to query real-time and historical traffic conditions and monitor roadway conditions. Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll let you know as these tools become available for wider testing.

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About OpenTraffic

OpenTraffic, forming as a nonprofit organization, is coordinating open source software development and data collection by individuals and organizations across the transport sector.

Founding Members and Partners

Special thanks to Ben Richardson for the generous donation of the project domain name.